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Shine In Technology Co., Ltd. ( Taiwan)

     We began manufacturing mobile phone battery packs in Taiwan and China in 1988. We value QUALITY above all else and to ensure only high quality components are used, our battery cells are sourced from reputable companies such as Panasonic, Sanyo, Maxell and Toshiba. In addition, strict quality control checks are implemented to produce reliable products, thus ensuring that our battery packs have obtained an excellent reputation continually over the years.

After 15 years spent accumulating technology and gaining experience, we have expanded our production line to produce a wide range of mobile phone accessories including batteries, chargers, hands frees, cases, housings and decorative accessories etc.


We strive hard to provide customers high-quality products with competitive prices and superior service and we always aim to understand and meet customers¡¦ requests efficiently.



Shine In is committed to providing advanced training throughout our employees¡¦ careers. Shine In  employees are able to continuously develop their skills on the latest technology.


Strict quality control checks are applied to test our products and to make sure that no defective products are shipped to our customers.

Our aim is to be YOUR BEST WIRELESS FRIEND ! Questions or suggestions?

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Factory Front Door


Assembling Line 1

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Battery Cell Assembling



Automatic Weldding Machine


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